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>.:!|*m s() FeTcH!:.

>.:[bout you]:.<

Location-Norton Va
Hobbies-Danceing,Tennis,Basketball,LJ,spending time w|friends&family
Single or Taken?-Solo:for now!
Ambition-I really want to be in fashon,but if that dose't work hair &|or make~up!
Favorite thing about your appearence-My eyes!
Favorite thing about your personality-I'm really outgoing and I LOVE helping people who are not nots so well off!
One thing you could change about yorself would be-my nose-ugg*

>.:![Mean girls]!:.<
Who is your favorite 'mean girl' and why?- Cady~cuz she is who she is! & she dose't care if you like it or not!!
Whats your favorite quote from 'Mean Girls'-*I have a fith sence,I can tell the weather*<3 that!!!;)

Songs-lindsay lohan~rumors & bowling for soup~1985
Singers/bands-tim mcgraw,lindsay lohan,jessica simpson,b.spears,hilary duff
Movies-Mean Girls,Sleepover,confession of a teenage drama queen*any girlie*w|the color pink*movie
food-none really*it all makes you so fat
beverage-swt.tea,fav.d water
Actor-Nick Lachey*hottie~w0W!*
Actress-Jessica Simpson*so pretty & luck* J.Lo*very pretty*
Ideal dream guy-Nick Lachey-or some1 just like him*very cute,abs,sweet,funny*
Brand of clothing-Holliter,a&f,bebe,express
Makeup Brand-any but mainly Mary Kay
Hair product brand-Bed Head

>.:![Picture]!:.< If you don't have one describe yourself- i hav no clue how to post pictures on here!if some1 can send the way i can untill then...i'm 5'5".green eyes.brown hair. big smile.kind-of bigger boned.very sportie bilt body.


Why should you be accepted?-lov the movie Mean Girls!!!

Why do you want to be in this community?-cuz its new and seams so girlie and i lov being girlie!!!And i just like the sound of this community!!!

Last words?-thanx~Plastic and Megz!


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