Chanel (rocknrolldevil) wrote in plasticsxoxo,

Hobbies-drawing, writing, singing, hangin out, shopping
Single or Taken?-single, i have a lot of FWBs
Ambition-not sure yet
Favorite thing about your appearence-my hair
Favorite thing about your personality-I'm good at comforting people
One thing you could change about yorself would be-nothing, at the moment I'm happy with myself

[Mean girls]
Who is your favorite 'mean girl' and why?-karen, she reminds me of me lol
Whats your favorite quote from 'Mean Girls'-
"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, ok, promise? OK, now everybody take some rubbers."

Stores-Nordstroms, Jasmine Sola, Sephora, and Bebe
Songs-Nightrain by Guns n Roses
Singers/bands-AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Pink Floyd, Queen. Led Zeppelin, and Kiss
Movies-Rocky Horror, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Clueless, and Some Like it Hot
food-any kind of pasta
beverage-water (only Fiji, Evian and Adirondack)
Actor-Tim Curry
Actress-Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow
Ideal dream guy-Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind..only an updated version
Brand of clothing-Juicy and D&G
Makeup Brand-Dior
Hair product brand-Lancome

[Picture] If you don't have one describe yourself-
I just deleted my pics yesterday, I'll have some like next week I guess. I have dark blonde kinda light brownish hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and I'm 5'5

Why should you be accepted?-I hate questions like this because I dont want to sound like a snob but umm I guess I'm plastic material

Why do you want to be in this community?- hmm I wanna get in because I really like mean girls and this community seems really cool and I like that it's just beginning.

Last words?-I hope you accept me

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